Someday Soundtracks: “Hi-Tone Fandango”

Someday Soundtracks is a semi-regular feature where I post a great track from one of my favourite games.

Peter McConnell‘s soundtracks for both Lucasarts and Double Fine are arguably just as responsible for the success of their games as much as the immersive story and great characters created by designers like Tim Schaefer, Ron Gilbert, or Steve Grossman. Grim Fandango is the apotheosis of the classic Lucasarts adventure game and McConnell’s big band orchestration (with hints of bebop, swing, and Mexican folk music) adds a lot to its blend of 40s noir and Aztec mythology. I’ll randomly throw on the game’s soundtrack, whether I’m busy and need to concentrate or I’m just looking to relax, because it has so much to offer. “Hi-Tone Fandango” is my favourite track, and it plays while Manny wanders around the undead city of Rubacava just outside his own Calavera Cafe (the equivalent of Rick Blaine’s Cafe American in Casablanca). Give it a listen and imagine that you’re chasing a mystery in the middle of the night.